Your bedroom is a canvas, and we’re here to help you paint it with your imagination. Whether you have a specific design in mind or need inspiration, we collaborate closely with you to bring your vision to life.

How it works

Style Selection:
Start by choosing your preferred headboard style.

Measure Your Mattress:
Select your headboard size or provide us the custom width and height of your mattress to ensure a perfect fit.

Fabric Choice:
Select your desired fabric and share its name with us.

We will promptly provide you with a quotation, which includes delivery costs tailored to your location.

Order Confirmation:
Send proof payment; we’ll create and deliver your dream headboard within 4 weeks.

Voila! Your custom headboard journey is set in motion.

The Orient

“The Orient” headboard is a fusion of classic elegance and exotic allure. Its intricate design, inspired by Eastern motifs, adds a touch of mystique to your bedroom.

The Neptune

Crafted with precision, “The Neptune” is a statement piece that can transform any bedroom space with an allure of elegance. 

The Serengeti

“The Serengeti” headboard is a wild and untamed design, reminiscent of the African savannah. Its bold appearance adds a spirit of adventure to any bedroom.

The Capri

“The Capri” is a headboard that invites you to bask in an air of warmth and tranquility. Its statement curves add a wow-factor to any space.

The Moroccan

“The Moroccan” headboard captures the essence of the exotic with its ornate design. Inspired by Moroccan patterns, it adds a sense of opulence to your bedroom.

For your personalised headboard, please provide the requested details.

    Headboard style*

    Headboard size*

    Custom size*


    Delivery address*

    *Custom headboards only available in Gauteng and Western Cape.